Saturday, June 28, 2008


Ok, it's going to take me a bit longer to finish my current book, Dirty Girls on Top, which I received as Library Thing Early Reviewer. It's funny but has a bit more sex in it than I generally like.

I just fixed myself a huge veggie plate and a big glass of Diet Mountain Dew. I visited a few readers as part of a mini challenge and now I'm ready to get back to reading!


Unknown said...

I don't think I could do it on a veggie plate. I'd need a bag of chips. Not very healthy I guess.

I'm hosting a book giveaway just for Read-a-thon participants. Check my blog to enter. It's open until Wednesday.

Keep reading!

Megan said...

Oh, you're doin' the Dew. You must be serious about all 24 hours! =D

Keep up the good reading!

Maree said...

Very healthy with the vege plate! I'd be on the "chips" side of the debate myself. Happy reading!

Eva said...

That veggie plate sounds yummy! I'm about to grab more Diet Pepsi. And that title is quite...ummm....brazen!

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