Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Things I Do That Annoy Me

I was thinking today about two things I do when writing emails/blog posts/comments that annoy me.

Overuse of exclamation points. I think this actually flows directly out of my job. I try to create a really positive environment and so I'm always super upbeat at work. I mean seriously, I see 6-8 people a day, and they always come in dragging their feet. Surprisingly, it works to rub all of that cheer off on them. So trying to convey enthusiasm at work flows into being overly enthusiastic in emails, etc. and I end up annoying myself when every sentence ends that way.

Overuse of smiley faces:You can't say, this is me in a gentle tone, or this is me in a kind tone, or don't read this as angry, so I use a smiley face. And then I'm smiley facing all over the place. My best friend in high school, Jen, brought this up about notes I wrote back then. So I've always had this problem, I guess. (by the way, Jen remembers EVERYTHING--she's awesome and a little scary that way)

So what do you do that annoys you?


Suko said...

Hey, there's nothing wrong with exclamation points--they convey enthusiasm! Keep using them!! I started using them more after reading Joyce Carol Oates' book, We Were the Mulvaneys, because she uses them a lot.

Smiley faces ain't so bad either. Beats being glum! : )

euphrony said...

I usually don't annoy me. Is that a bad thing? Probably.

~ jen ~ said...

I'm scary that way? o_0 Just kidding. And I was reminded at work just tonight that I DO remember way too much detail about anything....Hmmm.

And as I read this, I did remember all those smiley faces AND exclamation points for waaay back when :-)

Jen said...

For starters I do both of those things but it doesn't annoy me. Others maybe but not me.

The fact that I'm late all the time is starting to annoy me!!!!!! :) :)

Suko said...

Ah, the quest for self-perfection!:)

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