Monday, June 30, 2008

These are Some Contests and Yes I'd Like to Win Them

The most surefire way to get links to your blog (apart from writing stunning in-depth posts) is to have a contest and offer extra entries for the link.

So because I happen to like these blogs anyway, and because I also enjoy winning, here are some contests!

Jen is having her second Movie Madness Carnival tomorrow! Yay! She's really open on what you write about, it just has to be related to movies. You'll be thrilled to know I'm going to tell you all about why I love French Kiss. But wait! There's a contest involved! There's a really awesome movie food basket up for grabs. It includes lots of things that are probably not very good for you. But who cares? It's summer--time to watch a good movie.

Trish of Hey Lady! Whatcha Readin? is having one of those huge 14 book giveaways from Hachette Group USA. In any case, it's really important that you enter this because for each 50 entries they'll give away another lot of 14 books. Up to five. so, um get over there.

So have fun everyone!

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