Friday, June 27, 2008

A Note to My Readers

I am participating in the 24 hour Read-a-thon this weekend, and I was planning on just using one post to update my progress and editing throughout the 24 hours.

However, a special feed has been made for participants and in the interest of community I will be posting each update as I finish a book.

I just wanted you to know in advance what's going on. Feel free to ignore the posts if they just don't interest you. I won't be hurt.

Next week things should be back to normal. It's funny, I was reading through my hall of fame posts the other day and I thought, I never write like this anymore. I kind of miss it. So be prepared in case I unleash all of my deep thoughts on you the next few weeks. :)

What are all of you doing this weekend?


Care said...

I'm cheering for the 'thon... GO YOU, Good luck! Have FUN! (I'm doing a mini-challenge that starts 6 am EST Sunday: so keep track of any new strange vocab words and/or crazy run on sentences?!)

Anonymous said...

My weekends are for my kids. They have library activities, YuGiOh activites, chess activities...I'm the taxi. :)

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