Monday, June 16, 2008

Music Monday: Camp Songs

Taking a break from the Ten CDs I Love series, in honor of it being summer camp week at The Secret Life of Kat, I felt we should discuss our favorite camp songs.

I love camp songs, how about you?

So many great ones to choose from! I went to Church Camp growing up so we had a bunch of cheesy 70ish type songs that we sang.

Some of my favorites? "Jesus is the Answer", "You Can't Get to Heaven" (I think our camp probably sang that 14,000 times), and my personal favorite?????

"Pass It On" It's perfect for the campfire because it starts out like this: "It only takes a spark to get a fire going" Is it going through your head yet? ;)

When I was in college and did mini-retreats with youth groups, we sang the Beaver song. Anyone else know this one? It's good fun. The kids will always act like they don't like it....but secretly they do.

What's your favorite camp song?


texasinafrica said...

We were just singing Pass It On the other night, in a somewhat mocking tone (a friend's grandfather's is the songwriter). I love it! We sang all kinds of songs at camp growing up. I love a particular version of "When the Saints" especially.

Flora said...

I've got peace joy love like a river fountain ocean!

Brenda said...

"Pass it on", wow, flashback to the past!!! That brings back both good and bad memories. The good: the mountaintop experience feeling so close to God singing and worshiping around the campfire. The bad: the horrible completely dorky, nerdy, insecure junior high days.

Carole said...

You're bringing back some great memories from my church camp years in the early 60s. We sang all the songs that have been mentioned, but I think two of my favorites were "Do Lord" and "Kum Ba Yah."

texasinafrica said...

What about Amy Grant's "Mountaintop"?!?

Elizabeth said...

I went to a great camp all through junior high and high school, and the list of songs I loved from those years is about a mile long. My cousin actually spent a few summers working there, so I got to raid their music collection and get copies of a few - I still play the piano and sing along frequently. I think my all time favorite is Keith Green's "Rushing Wind" - still gives me chills.

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