Friday, June 13, 2008

Me the Weirdo

Alexis from Ramblings from Life has tagged me to tell you some more strange stuff about me. Because I'm strange and therefore full of strange stuff.

By the way, check out that pic of David Cook on her blog. Wow.

Ok the rules. Once you’ve been tagged, you have to write a blog with 10 weird, random, facts, habits or goals about yourself. At the end, choose 6 people to be tagged, list their names & why you tagged them. Don’t forget to leave them a comment saying “You’re it!” & to go read your blog. You cannot tag the person that tagged you, so since you’re not allowed to tag me back; let me know when you are done so I can go read YOUR weird/random/odd facts, habits and goals.

Anyway, here's my best shot....

1) I am very particular about the condition of my books. I'm a huge fan of bookmarks, I hate to see people fold covers back on any book (but especially one that either belongs to me or needs to be used by many students), and I love a book that smells and looks brand new. I have often gotten away with passing my gently read books off as new.

2) I sometimes buy clothes hoping to become more daring in the fashion department. I'm pretty conservative, but wish I was one of those girls who could get away with wearing totally outrageous things. As long as they're cute of course.

3) I own a playstation 2. I bought it because they lowered the price and I visited my brother and had so much fun playing with his. I don't think I've played it in a long time now. It's good to have someone cool who knows lots of tricks (like my big brother) to play with.

4) I've never been stung by a bee. However, in my imagination, it's the worst thing ever. I hate bees and I'm terrified of them. Plus, if I get stung by a bee, I won't be able to say I've never been stung by a bee anymore.

5) I'm a PK! (pastor's kid) Certainly that's a weird thing, right? Or maybe it just makes me weird!

6) I really enjoy time by myself. All day at work, I need to be upbeat, enthusiastic, and extroverted. I have to be patient, kind, and unintimidating. This takes a lot of energy for me because I'm introverted. I love my students dearly, though, and I want them to feel safe. They deserve the best that I can give. But I enjoy stealing away to be by myself when I can, like at lunch. However, this causes the other people in my building to feel shunned so lately I've been trying to hang out with them more.

7) I really like ice in my drinks. I will always pour a can of soda over ice if I can.

8) I have 370 blogs in my google reader. I just realized that when Anne Jackson asked on her blog. That's appalling, I know. Don't worry, I don't read them all everyday, several of them are news/review blogs (that I will often hit mark all as read on), and a bunch of them are no longer active. I need to go weed through them. I sort of think of it as my virtual TBR pile.

9) I'm very unskilled at all the things women are supposed to be good sewing and knitting. I wish so much I could do those things, but nothing ever comes out right.

10) I still enjoy coloring books...when my nieces visit.

I am now meant to tag six people....

1) Melissa. Because she's a new blogger and a sweetheart.
2) Elizabeth. Because she tagged me awhile back and I enjoy revenge.
3) Christel. Because I want to learn more about her.
4) Chaotic Hammer. Simply to see if he'll come out of blogging hibernation.
5) Angie. Because she signed my first ever Mr. Linky first! And she might say something interesting about her cat.
6) Barb. Because she's Brody's mom and so full of life and love on her blog.


Thomas said...

You are not a Weirdo!!!

I think it is pretty cool that you love books and helping people learn to read.


Angie said...

I've been tagged! :)

I get onto my mom all the time because she dog-ears the pages in whatever book she is reading...drives me nuts! lol

I got stung by a bee once when I was a kid and it hurt something awful.

Anonymous said...

Amy, thank you. this was very fun to think and do. I so appreciate your sweet thoughts to me.
I have finished and tagged some folks..including my son...we will see what happens.

Jen said...

Oh gosh, you would really hate to see the way a book looks after I finish reading it. My intention is always to treat it nicely, but it never works out that way (especially after a weekend at the beach).

Jen said...

Oh and being stung by a bee is really not that bad (unless of course you are allergic). It feels kind of like getting a shot at the dr.

Melissa said...

Hey Amy,
I answered your tag

Unknown said...

If what you listed makes you weird than I'm just as weird because we have some of those in common like the soda thing. I prefer to have my soda on ice if it's available. I'll be working on my ten things over the weekend.

Elizabeth said...

I've been revenge-tagged!

Here you go - enjoy!

Unknown said...

Hi Amy. I finally finished my tag. For your reading enjoyment:

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