Wednesday, June 4, 2008

I Remember With Great Fondness Paying 3.73 for Gasoline

You may judge me for reading a lot of books and watching TV. But can I just say something?

Do you remember the days when gas would go up like a couple of cents? Last week, I was paying 4.06 for gas. Today I paid 4.39.

I really just absolutely do not want to go anywhere. It's just so expensive! It doesn't help that I live in a very spread out area where all the people I know are not really all that close. I think it might be time to get to know the neighbors. Because I can talk to them for free. Won't even cost cell phone minutes.

There are other benefits to hanging out at home. If I'm home, I'm not buying stuff I don't need! I'm not adding to my huge collection of unread books! I'm not going through the drive-through for my large diet coke! I'm not paying outrageous money for movie tickets, dinner out, or play tickets! I'm not sweating to death in the heat!

So if for now, the blog is a little boring and home entertainment centric, it's because I'm choosing to have no life. It's very possible that this will also inspire all sorts of deep thoughts in me. Then I can blog about those. :)

*this is supposed to be read with humor. Please do not take me too seriously.


Julie P. said...

I know the feeling -- I'm becoming a hermit!

euphrony said...

I remember with great fondness paying less than $1 for gasoline.

Anonymous said...

I don't remember a buck, but I do remember $1.18.

Amy said...

Euphrony..I actually remember paying .79 for gas my first year of college in rural Georgia. We thought it was cheap, but now it would feel like a miracle!

the 3.73 was in reference to a post I did about 6 weeks ago with a picture of the price.

Julie...well more time for us to read, I guess!

Cristy said...

Me too euphrony! When I started driving gas was 90-something cents per gallon. The good ol' days, indeed! ;)

ldperez said...

$0.67 a gallon when I left S.C. 9 years ago.

ldperez said...

p.s. but we pay even more than you all down here.

Anonymous said...

I definitely remember under $1! I paid $3.61 today. we haven't gotten over $4 yet here in OK. where do you live?
we have slowed out schedule way down. we homeschool, so all those activites are through for the summer. I sure wish gas would go back down!!!!!

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