Monday, June 2, 2008

I Finally Watched the LOST finale!

It's a good thing I had BEA to totally distract with my other obsession (not that LOST or books are an obession or anything) because otherwise I would have been totally bummed!

I was pretty pleased with the finale, let's just say it totally blew the Grey's Anatomy finale out of the water. I was relieved that my favorites are still alive (though I'm not so cool with Sayid with straight hair) and of course totally loved the Penny and Desmond reunion. May they live happily ever after.

Sawyer is a true hero. Sawyer and Jin both acted out of love to save the lives of those they cared about. I was extraordinarily bummed for Juliet, though. Maybe she'll hook up with Sawyer now, if he can forget about Kate. (of course, he probably thinks she's dead) I'm still clinging to the thinnest of all threads of hope that Jin miraculously survived. I feel like we didn't get all the answers we were promised about Michael before he was killed off, and come on! Poor Walt! I was a little freaked about the older Walt, though. And it is sad and a tiny bit unforgiveable that no one from the Oceanic 6 remembered about him.

What else? Am I to assume that Rose and Bernard are dead now? What an uncerimonious exit! Charlotte was born on the island? To whom does she belong? I look forward to getting her backstory. Kate's dream about Claire doesn't make any sense. It explains why she won't go back, but was it a vision or a nightmare?

It seems to me that Kate is going to be the toughest to convince. Hurley, Sayid, and Jack all seem willing to go back. Who knows what's up with Sun and what her exact plans are. And, um, how exactly are they going to bring back the dead Locke? I hope someone has a big freezer somewhere.

Am I missing anything? I would love to hear all your thoughts! Oh btw, I watched the alternate coffin filmings and they were creepy!


Elizabeth said...

I was really sad to see Claire appear to Kate, because it reminded me of when Charlie appeared to Hurley, and I think that means she is really, actually dead. I really didn't want Claire to die. I'm happy that Desmond made it, and I think I need a whole episode about what happened to Walt - he looks weird all grown up. It was great!

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