Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Help Me Decide What to Watch

Now that summer is here there is nothing to watch on TV. I'm thinking of catching up on some shows that I didn't see when first run (as soon as I finish season 1 of The Tudors).

Here are the ones I'm considering, I'm hoping you will all tell me if they are good or not in comments and which one I should choose.

Battlestar Galactica
Six Feet Under
Mad Men
Friday Night Lights

I'm leaning strongly towards Mad Men because of it's very high critical approval.
Have any of you watched it?

My favorite TV shows are LOST, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, 24, Felicity, Veronica Mars, the X-Files, and The Closer (which should be coming on again this summer actually) if that helps you to know what I like.

Sorry for the fluff post, but I'm hoping for some good input. :) Don't be shy, comment! Or suggest something I don't have listed!


Julie P. said...

I haven't seen any of them so I'm probably not much of a help. If it were me, I'd probably pick up Madmen especially after it was featured in Entertainment Weekly. I'm not a big sci-fi person, but my husband swears by Battlestar Gallactica. He thinks it's one of the best shows on tv -- he says the writing is incredible and it covers a lot of social/political issues. Good luck!

Amy said...

Thanks Julie!

Another reason to watch Mad Men is I think it's only like 13 episodes. It's taking me forever to get through The Tudors which is also only like 13 episodes!

Elizabeth said...

I am telling you that Battlestar Galactica is the best show on television. I think especially since you seem to enjoy shows with a sci-fi/fantasy aspect to them, you will love it. This show makes me laugh and cry, and I don't know what else you can ask for. =)

Carole said...

You would probably enjoy Mad Men, Amy. It's very well written and acted, and kind of different in its theme - Manhatten ad executives in the 1950's. Season 2 begins in July I believe.

But my all-time favorite is Friday Night Lights. This is one of the best TV shows that few people discovered, for various reasons. Some thought it was about high school football - which it is, but it's more about people, character, caring, commitment, doing the right thing. And then the network kept moving it around. I can't recommend this show enough!

Enjoy whatever you watch, Amy.

Amy said...

Elizabeth, I know, I've heard great things about it, I'm sure I'd love it and become obsessed! :)

Carole, I've heard great things about FNL as well. It sounds like the sort of show I would enjoy. It's hard to decide! :)

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