Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Camp: Sites

Sorry about the title, couldn't resist. Anyway, since this is a blogging camp, we are talking about websites or blogs that we like.

So here are some of my favorites that I might not have talked about a lot before:

The Compassion Blog This is a really excellent blog, written from many different Compassion staff. It has given me a behind the scenes feel to my sponsorships through Compassion. It's like the DVD extras to my sponsorships. Seriously, though, I'm reminded to pray for my own kids and also made more aware of the needs Compassion works to meet. If you sponsor through Compassion, it's a must read. If you don't, it's still highly recommended.

Televisionary: Some of the best recaps of TV shows (like LOST). Thoughtful and well written. You know I love my TV!

Romancing the Blog: Written by more romance writers (Christian and General Market) and others involved with the industry than I could name. It's always interesting and covers a wide variety of topics since it has such a wellspring of writers to draw from. Check it out!

Freebies 4 Mom: So I'm not a mom, but I've found out about some great deals through reading this blog.

So those are just some sites I read regularly that I enjoy.

Got one to recommend? What are some of your favorite sites?


merrymary said...

Hey, thanks for the recommendation of "Televisionary". What a great blog! I am lost on "Lost" and was able to find out about a few other shows that I wasn't sure what is happening since the strike. Glad to see they are in production for the ever so distant fall season. Great recommendations. Thanks for sharing these blog favorites!

Amy said...

Thanks for stopping by Merrymary! :)

Televisionary is a fantastic blog. I just read he's going on hiatus though, right after I recommend it. gah!

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