Monday, June 2, 2008

6 Things About Me

Elizabeth at the aptly named As Usual, I Need More Bookshelves blog tagged me for this. Oh the fun of talking about myself!

1) I hate it when people refer to babies as its. This right here is a perfect example. Um, Shiloh is a she, not an it. Oh how we objectify celebrities!

2) When I get a new CD, I usually find one song that hooks me and then listen to it a million or so times in a row. I can listen to one song only in my car for more than a solid week.

3) I hate getting my hair cut and styled. This is one of those artificial social situations. People always think I'm ten years younger than I am. I have a baby face. Also, they never understand my job. So I always have to explain that I've actually been graduated from college for awhile now, and no the people that I work with are not necessarily stupid.

4) When I went to Japan, I was terrified to do karaoke. I imagined all karaoke was like that scene in My Best Friend's Wedding. It's nothing like that in Japan, and I quickly realized it was one of my favorite ways to burn through 50 bucks and an evening. I miss it, though I've done it a bit at parties here.

5) The first time I got contacts, I couldn't put them in and had to leave the eye doctors after a good 45 minutes of trying without my contacts. Now I put them in half asleep with no mirror. It's weird how our brains work, huh?

6) I am really inarticulate in person. I can never express myself well, and stumble all over my words. I far prefer to write and hope that RL friends feel like they know me better from reading my blog. Since, you know, I can't express myself well through talking. ;)

The rules of this meme are:
Link to the person who tagged you in your blog post
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I'm going to break the rule of tagging more people because I feel I've tagged you all out. But, if you want to play grab the meme and let me know you did so in comments and I'll link to you. :)

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