Saturday, June 14, 2008

3 Movies I Watched Recently

Prince Caspian: Um, okay I'm going to be honest here. I thought it was cheesy. I liked Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe, but Caspian himself was a cheeseball in this movie. I thought maybe I'd like it more if I treasured the books like so many people do, but it seems that even the book's most enthusiastic fans didn't really like it.

Juno: This is a quirky movie, so if you are a mainstream Hollywood type of person you might not like it. If the thought of a girl who looks like she's about 12 being sexually active, getting pregnant, and then hanging out with the adoptive father at his house by themselves weirds you out...well you might not like it. But all in all, it's funny and sweet in unexpected places. Great acting.

National Treasure 2: Okay this movie is supposed to be cheesy, absolutely succeeds and is so much fun! A little longish, completely unrealistic, but funny anyway. Recommended for a fun family night!


Stephen said...

I'm with you on "Prince Caspian," Amy. I thought it was cheesy and just plain bad. "Call Me?" Come on! During the scene with the white witch, the theatre I was watching it in had trouble with the projector, and it shut off for three or four minutes. I was half hoping that they wouldn't get it started again so I would have a legitimate excuse not to have to sit through the rest of it.

And I liked Juno as well. My two favorite movies of this year so far are The Visitor and Flight of the Red Balloon. Check them out if you get a chance.

Flora said...

I loved Juno. To me it was truly real, awkwardly funny and down deep, a story about redemption. Loved it!

kddub said...

good reviews!

I've only seen Juno out of those three mentioned, but do want to see the other two.

I liked Juno, it was sweet and funny.

Unknown said...

I haven't watched Prince Caspian yet. Growing up I read the books over and over again so when they did the movie on the Lion, the witch and the wardrobe, I was excited. I am excited to see the movie but I think it's one that I won't see until it comes out on DVD.

I still haven't seen Juno yet. In fact, I have the DVD which is still in the wrapper.

I love National Treasure 2. In fact my whole family does. This was one movie that we saw at the theater.

BTW Amy, I received the book yesterday. Thank you.

Amy said...

Stephen--I'm not sure I've even heard of those! Getting to an arthouse theater is a bit of a drive, but I will add them to my list. :)

Flora...I hope it came across that I liked it. I did. :)

Kristin, I agree. Sweet and funny are the perfect words.

Christel, I'm glad you got the book! You'll like Juno! I think Prince Caspian might disappoint to wait for the DVD.

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