Friday, May 16, 2008

There's No Place Like Home (LOST)

How in the world am I going to survive the next two weeks? Okay so that might be overly dramatic, but seriously! When the promo ends with "What did you do?!?" it's hard not to feel excited!

Tonight really set us up, I think, while giving us some fragmented bits of important information.

*Jack learned Claire was his sister post-island. This makes sense as we don't have much more time to have learned it on the island. Also, Claire's mother woke up! This could be significant or not, we have yet to see.

*Sun is awesome! Yay for the settlement money! She blames her father for Jin's death, and who else? Were those glares at Jack significant? (or did I miss the other person she blames?)

The freighter is obviously in a heap of trouble, but somehow Sun and Aaron get off that boat. The others? Don't know.

It was sad that there was no one to meet Kate or Sayid when they first landed. Thankfully, Nadia quickly caught up to Sayid in touching moment, but we know that doesn't end well.

As stated before, I am becoming terribly worried that Sayid is the one in the coffin. There is plenty of story support for it, in fact, I can't think of any reason why it wouldn't be him. So please convince me in comments that it's impossible for Sayid to be in the coffin. :) Convincing me that it's Desmond won't help. I wouldn't care if it was almost anyone else, though.
***************SPOILER ALERT**********************

A significant death is rumored to take place in the finale. Who will it be? I'm afraid it's Jin. I could live with it being Michael or even Juliet (though that makes her entire story unbearably sad). Anyone else is going to cause me grief.

I heard that we should not be asking whether or not people are dead but rather, what does dead mean? I don't even understand that, but it will be interesting to explore on this show. If you have a theory, do share.


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Angela Nazworth said...

Great post. SO many questions!! I am afraid Desmond will be blown up and I so don't want that to happen.

Amy said...

Desmond blowing up is an intolerable thought!

Sister Honey Bunch/Judi maloney said...

I don't think Jin is dead.

I don't think Sayid is in the coffin.

I don't have any answers either.

Cainan & Ryker said...

Was Claire's mom in a coma? You're right. I totally forgot that.

It can't be Sayid or Desmond in the coffin. It has to be someone that Kate hates. Remember in the very first flash forward when Jack says he thought Kate would be at the funeral and she says, "Why the *!@#* would I be at the funeral?" So I don't know who it is but I don't think it is them. Maybe Michael? I don't know.

Unfortunately I do think Jin will die very heroically trying to save Sun and Aaron from the exploding boat. I cannot bring myself to believe that Desmond will die also. His story with Penny is so unfinished. Michael I'm strangely OK with his death. Although I feel sorry for Walt. Juliette? Awesome. Maybe she is in the casket? We can only hope.

I think it is crucial that we think about what "dead" means. I think people are alive in different realities. Like, Richard. I think that is why he never ages. Like Christian. He is dead (in real life) but alive on the island and maybe in the future. I dont' know it is too much for my little brain to handle but I'm pretty sure that death is the key to it all.

Jen said...

I totally forgot about Claire's mom being in that coma. Wow, you are a true fan. I really hope somehow Desmond get's off that freighter. Could it be Ben in the coffin. I had originally thought Sawyer but now I don't. I guess Sayid is a definite possibility. :(

Amy said...

Lol, Jen, I just watched the whole series this year, so it's much easier to remember.

I think Kate could be indifferent towards Sayid's death depending on how his whole being an assassin for Ben plays out. And he was in a pretty dark place at the end of that episode where he got shot and was with Ben. Plus we saw last friends or family. :( It's all too tragic for me.

Roger Miller said...

I don't think that it would be Ben because he is alive in 2005 along with Sayid, rememmber when Ben gets Sayid to work for him?

I think that Claire's mom or even possibly Juliet would be better choices, except that Juliet would have had her sister there and if I remember correctly the funeral director said that Jack was the only person to show up. Or at least it was implied.

I can't remember where I saw it, maybe from the first link at Rocks in my Dryer where there was atheory I had never heard before, about the Jack in the Pilot, was actually future Jack...

My head hurts.

By the way, Hi! I'm, making the rounds and throwing in my two cents - not brave enough to throw my theories out on my blog, just yet. :)

Kimberly said...

How awful it would be if Desmond died. Their story is one of my favorites. Now, if Juliette was in the coffin that would be totally okay with me.

It is going to be a long two weeks!

Sherry said...

Michael's in the coffin. He gets off the boat, too somehow with Sun, but he can't come out in the open. That's my theory, and I'm sticking to it.

Alexis Jacobs said...

Instead of answering questions each week makes me more confused. I have decided that I just won't know anything until the last season.

Elizabeth said...

Can Sawyer be in the coffin so we get to see what his hair looks like when it is washed? *grin*

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