Thursday, May 8, 2008

Mostly LOST, (but a little bit of Grey's)

Before I dig into LOST, I need to say a few things about Grey's.
What in the world was that whole survey everyone's sexual partners junk? I can't imagine that happening in the real world! The show seemed really far fetched tonight. I have to say that no matter what, Sandra Oh is an absolutely terrific actress who delivered that strange little monologue brilliantly. Don't you think?

Ok LOST...Claire has officially entered the camp of the creepy. What was up with that creepy smile? And was anyone else impressed with the casting and acting of the little boy John Locke and the teenage John Locke? And weren't we all thinking little boy John Locke was going to pick up the knife so it seemed strange that he wasn't supposed to? Why was the knife wrong? And yay for seeing Sayid and Desmond again, though I'm concerned for Desmond's safety. Michael apparently continues to be un-killable which I guess means the Island isn't through with him yet. And you know I have to ask....what does "he wants us to move the island" mean??????? So...
is Claire dead or possessed or what? Why is Christian so important or does he factor in since the Island is essentially his burial ground? Ok, I've got to get to bed, but please feel free to share your thoughts if you watch either show. Or not. It's really up to you.

(Oh one more thing. I do have another guilty pleasure called Gossip Girl Does anyone else watch this show? I know it's a teeny bopper show. Anyway, if anyone else watched did you not think this week's episode was like a story on speed? Sloooowww down writers! There's plenty of time to tell all these juicy stories!)


Cassie said...

Ok- for one, I skipped the part about Grey's b/c i missed it last night. Hopefully, I'll get to watch it today, if they put it up online.

LOST-I think that Locke wasn't supposed to pick up the knife because he was supposed to pick up the Book of Laws that was on the table. I think the fact that he picked up the knife showed how he is always kind of torn about how to do things. He always struggles so much with his decisions...whereas Ben just kind of goes by what he knows is right. He never questions himself (well, until now that he is feeling sorry for himself and all that).

And yes, I watch Gossip Girl. And I love it! But I really didn't like how it ended--with that little revelation. You're right--they need to slow down. I think it probably has to do with trying to make it exciting so they'll get another season.

Unknown said...

I used to watch Grey's when it first came on, but then it began to conflict with my reality shows and I had to drop it. BUT I was flipping and saw Sandra Oh's monologue with the chief and his wife. Loved it! She IS great!

Stellaandthomas said...

I agree with Cassie's comment. I was not sure why John picked the knife but I think she hit it on the head!!

Cainan & Ryker said...

I think John picking up the knife proves to Richard that John is destined to become the leader of the island. That is why Richard gets so mad. If he would have picked up something different it would have meant some other destiny for him. Richard is threatened by John. For good reason...he goes of half-cocked pretty often.

Jen said...

I also had to skip over the Grey's recap because I missed it last night. I'll be back to read your thoughts after I watch it.

Lost was pretty good last night. I'm always intrigued by the Jacob storyline and Claire was incredibly creepy. Is she dead too now? If so, I hope they reunite her with Charlie. I liked them together.

You don't have to do the small print for Gossip Girl. Teen angst shows are the best! I don't watch this one, but I enjoyed Dawson's Creek way past the age that I should have been watching it.

Carole said...

Amy, I wish I could comment on your thoughts about Grey's, but I record it and I'm a few weeks behind in watching. And I don't watch Lost.

I think Grey's is one of my guilty pleasures, though. The sleeping around gets to me, but some of the themes are great - and I love Sandra Oh, too!

Kimberly said...

Grey's was a little annoying last night. I miss Burke, total moron in real life but I loved his character. Something is missing on that show these days.

LOST - I am totally with you on Claire being creepy. The mascara dude always bugs me out too! So many details to keep straight, my head spins!

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