Friday, May 30, 2008

In Which I Nerd Out On All of You

Hi everyone!
I'm at BEA! I say that I'm at BEA because I decided to stay in a hotel closer to downtown LA than where I live. Guess what? I don't really live that far from LA but when you add traffic into the mix it might as well be Tokyo!

BEA is awesome! I get to just casually stroll up to authors and get books signed. For free! I get to see what all the major publishing houses are releasing later in the year. I get to attend informational sessions about the industry which interests the heck out of me, but maybe not all of you. I even, wait for this, caught a glimpse of my very first Kindle today! It's so cool, and I'm dying for one. I heard Jeff Bezos the Amazon CEO give about a half hour commercial about it and it made me really want one. More on all of this over at The Friendly Book Nook when I manage to organize my thoughts.

But there are some downsides. Like when I decided to just blog at night since my computer was so heavy to lug around and I went to the parking garage and totally forgot where I parked and walked around the parking garage FOR AN HOUR until I finally found my car, because I had parked in the blue section, not the orange section like I thought. I have tons of blisters right now and yes my feet bled. Or how all the food court places look SO FULL so I didn't eat anything until tonight.

But on the bright side I'm looking out at the sun setting over the LA skyline and it's tres belle!

So tell me....what do you want to know from BEA? I'll try to find it out for you, since, after all, that's the real reason I'm here! (not so much to get free signed books, but I find it a nice bonus)


Julie P. said...

I am incredibly jealous!!!

Sally said...

Use your camera phone to mark where you parked (-: It sounds like you are having a great time!

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