Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Blogging Idol Top 4

Did Ryan just say that three of these guys (ha) have been number one in votes? Wow, that's interesting!

The judges as guiding stars...um, no.

Some history on the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. American Idol is so educational. Meanwhile, what's up with all the trips to Vegas for the Idols? Plotting a move there for next season? They could have the show at a casino and charge a million bucks and avoid paying the Idols. ;)

David Cook is first: "Hungry Like the Wolf" Love this song. Reminds me of my youth. David puts a little rockier edge on this song, and I like it! The most exciting thing he's done? No, but hopefully everyone will still be voting for him. Let's not have a Daughtry rerun, friends.

Syesha: Apparently, Syesha's crazy hair is gone. She looks a bit older like this. Let's plug the tour! I don't think I'll be going. (I went after season five...that was super fun..I was amazed at the wide variety of ages there--like the little old lady hobbling up to the very top row in the arena in her walker) For some reason, this song is making me miss Melinda. Syesha seems to be having fun with it and did some kinda crazy dance in there. Lol, when Syesha says she had fun, Simon says he didn't.

Jason: Jason is going all Bob Marley. I'm not really liking it. I guess Randy didn't either. Or anyone.

David: Likes singing to his dog. Well, then. I wonder if the dog likes it? Very typical type of song for David. Wait a second, he sings this to his dog? Well, he sounds good as always, but let's be honest, I'm pretty much a sold out David Cook fan at this point. :) Little Archie might win, though. Simon happily gets another dig in at Jason.

David Cook: I would happily order David Cook's CD today. I like this second song as well. I also like David's jacket. I just like David. I'm a fan. Fans are always naturally more forgiving, but I do like this song.

Syesha: I love this song. Syesha is doing an ok job with it, but no goosebumps. I'm thinking I agree with Randy about the arrangement. Paula is sweet and says something that obviously meets Syesha where she's at. It looks like they are telling Ryan to get her to shut up. Which is too bad, because I love what she's saying, it's nice she was able to connect so much with the song. Okay now they are definitely pressuring Ryan!

Jason: Nice little song from Jason, um,anyone else think they're trying to get rid of Jason tonight?

David A: This is actually a very beautiful performance and likely the best of the night. I agree with Paula...one of his best. What a cute kid. Don't forget to vote for David Cook.

By the way, my two favorite males from last season now have CDs available! Chris Sligh's came out today and Phil Stacey's has been out awhile. I don't have either yet, but hope to get them at some point. Have you ever bought an Idol's CD? Answer in comments! :)


Julie P. said...

I love David Cook too, but I was really disappointed in him tonight. The pressure must be incredible -- that's all I can figure. This should have been his night -- rock and roll. I didn't think he performed badly, but his song selection was not what I expected from him. He is actually the only one whose album I would buy!

Jen said...

I haven't bought an Idol cd yet. I doubt I ever would because I rarely buy whole cds anyway. I usually just borrow them from the library, listen to them and download only the songs I like from iTunes. I did like Ace Young a lot from whatever season he was on. So, I'd be interested to hear his cd. I have no idea if he actually has one out though. Did you see he was going to be on Bones?

FancyPants said...

Wellll, I did buy a Kelly Clarkson CD once, but I listened to it, like twice, and then never again. A little too much screaming for one sitting.

They definitely seemed to be trying to get rid of Jason, but to be honest, I think he kinda deserved it. He did a lousy job. I think he's unique and a cool cat, but he just couldn't hold it together. I didn't like the arrangements of the songs he did. It was a joke, really. I didn't feel like he cared at all, like he'd already given up.

I'm with you. I'm a David Cook fan. David A. kinda gets on the nerves....sorry to say...and I didn't think Syesha brought the vocals, either. But I did like her Tina Turner. =-)

Angie said...

I bought Clay Aiken's CD and I've downloaded a song or two from Mandisa's cd. I've also downloaded songs from Brooke White and from David Cook. :)

Carole said...

Everybody has different tastes, and that's the way it should be. I'm not a fan of rock music, but David C. has been growing on me with each passing week. I would love to see him win.

I don't by CDs either, but I purchase tracks that I really like from iTunes. Last winter Clay Aiken sang on a figure skating special; I loved him and immediately bought "All Is Well." All I've purchased this season is "Let It Be" by Brooke White.

Megan said...

Wow! So it looks like you have an Idol following and haven't been missing my comments.

I am still watching cause my boyfriend hasn't been kicked off yet, but I am sort of TOTALLY BORED with the whole thing.

But I promised myself I would stop by and comment.

David Cook is amazing. Nuff said!

Well and I do want to say that I am proud of Syesha, there have been so many times I wanted her to go and now I really like her.

The end.

Anonymous said...

I liked Jason ok, but thought his time was up a couple weeks ago. although I was glad when Carly went. Syesha has gotten a lot better and her hair looked great in the first song, but I don't think she has the following that the guys have.
I bought Mandisa's CD and a family friend wrote Jesus Take the Wheel, so my mom bought Carrie's CD.
I predicted that the 2 David's would be in the finale, and it still should be that way. I don't care which one wins, they'll both do well.

Amy said...

Julie P--you're right, he was a little disappointing.

Jen--I'm so oldschool and used to spend a lot of money on music. I'm not like that as much any more, I'm slowly converting to iTunes. Yeah, that Ace Young CD...where is it? And when is the Bones appearance? I did hear that and think it should be a good episode.

Fancypants--you're right, Jason deserves it! I'm just hoping it's not some sort of shock elimination.

Angie and Carole--I love Clay Aiken's Christmas stuff!

Megan--I missed you! But you're right the last couple of weeks have been a bit boring.

Amy said...

stampedwithgrace--I think a David finale would be fun. Two totally different fan bases! :)

Megan said...

David Cook is my favorite, too. I'd buy his CD in a second. And it would be my first Idol CD purchase. I grabbed a bunch of them out of the free promo boxes at Borders when I worked there last year, but I don't think I've even listened to all of them yet! I continue to find it ironic that I got way more free music from Borders than free books...which always bummed me out a bit. But it *is* nice to be able to check out whole CDs without buying them because uhm those other 10 songs that you *haven't* heard yet might be just awful. ;-)

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