Monday, May 19, 2008

And Now I've Conformed plus more Procrastination!

Great news for you Twitter fans! I signed up! My last post about Twitter got about a 50/50 reaction so I decided to take the plunge after I read about how it really helped in the aftermath of the earthquake. I don't want to find myself in a natural disaster thinking...I wish I had signed up for Twitter!

Please try to contain your joy. Please also consider following me, since, you know, no one is at the moment. And that damages my frail self esteem. Even though I just signe d up like ten minutes ago.

I can't imagine that I'll be saying much on it....because my life isn't that exciting. But there you go!

And since I'm still procrastinating (books are packed but clothes seem daunting) I thought I would share with you the trailer for one of my most anticipated summer movies.

M.Night Shyamalan's The Happening. I'm a huge Shyamalan fan--I even liked Lady in the Water. I love his style and his exploration of faith/the unseen.

So here you go:

So now off to pack clothes, I guess.


Unknown said...

Following you on twitter! LOL

Jen said...

Sorry, still not Twittering, but if I do I'll be sure to follow you.

Now I'm really looking forward to this movie. Thanks for posting the trailer. At first I was still a little annoyed with Marky Mark for replacing Ryan Gosling in The Lovely Bones, but I realize that it wasn't really his fault. So I'll forgive him.

Amy said...

I hated the Lovely Bones, but I didn't know Gosling had been replaced. That is a bit of a bummer.

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