Thursday, April 17, 2008

This Really Bugs Me

Back when I was young, maybe like second or third grade--I used to have a friend who would talk on the phone in the bathroom.
I never really liked it. I mean, you could hear....everything. I didn't want to hear everything. I just wanted to have a nice chat with my friend. But I think when you have brothers and sisters (as we both did) the phone was in such high demand that she didn't want to hang up and relinquish her chance on it.
So I got to suffer.

Today, I heard someone chatting on her phone in the bathroom. Ugh. I mean, poor person on the other end! Are we really so pressed for time in our society, so desperate to be connected 24/7 that we can't take just a few minutes to go to the bathroom? JUST A FEW MINUTES!! (well under normal cicumstances) Leave your phone at your desk!

What do you all think?


Thomas said...

I agree with you Amy. Hang up the phone.


Kimberly said...

I agree as well. I have been on the phone with someone and suddenly noticed a flush! ISH!

~ jen ~ said...

NOTHING CAN BE SO PRESSING THAT YOU MUST BE ON YOUR PHONE AND IN THE BATHROOM AT THE SAME TIME!!!! It is a disgusting habit many people have. Sometimes, when I am most aggravated at someone in the next stall on her phone, I am tempted to make loud, echo-y rude noises. But then I remember I am not five years old.... and I ALSO remember that I don't have the nerve, either.

I really wonder, though, if they even consider all the horrible bathroom germs that have contaminated their phones. GROSS :-{

Chaotic Hammer said...

I also agree that this is both unsanitary and generally rude. I guess most people don't care about privacy either, or they wouldn't be carrying on conversations in plain earshot of everyone else.

But really, people talk on their phones pretty much everywhere now. I've seen a waiter standing at a table to take an order, and the guy talking to him suddenly stops to take a call. So there's the waiter (who is busy and has lots of other things he could do) standing and waiting awkwardly while the rude customer sits there yakking away.

And this sort of thing is more and more common. There are times when it seems like you can look around and not see a single person interacting with another -- everyone has the phone on the ear (or the little ear piece) and is talking to somebody somewhere else.

Dewey said...

What really freaks me out more than hearing someone I'm talking to in the bathroom is if someone is in a public bathroom stall and suddenly starts talking in that loud phone voice. It always startles me and at first I think there's some raving psychotic person in the next stall.

Krista said...

I try very hard to not be on the phone when I go to the bathroom... but sometimes if it's a long conversation, or I've been on hold FOREVER and don't want to hang up, or some thing has to go... I do. But only in my own home. and then you definitely wait to flush until later... I know, I know, TMI!
Although I think I've trained my mom out of it... she didn't think anyone could hear until I asked her what she was doing one day - because I could hear the tinkling in the background!

Amy said...

Jen--you're right about the germs! I didn't even think about that!
Chaotic Hammer--that's true. It's funny because even though I have a cell phone, I treat it more like a regular phone (much to everyone who knows me's frustration) Just because it's ringing..if I'm doing something else I don't feel like I have to answer it RIGHT THEN.
Dewey--that's happened to me before too!
Krista--lol. That's true about being on hold I guess.

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