Friday, April 11, 2008

LOST's Epic Love Story

(I'm going to be away this weekend so I tried to do the scheduled post thing, but it didn't work and once you mess it up you can't fix it as I learned. So I'm posting this now, which gives you plenty of time to watch! It all worked out for the best.)

I recently discovered and devoured the show LOST. I think (not positive yet because it's still fresh in my mind and it's not finished) that I might consider it the most brilliant TV show ever. Yes, maybe even more brilliant than Buffy. Maybe. (those of you rolling your eyes obviously never watched Buffy) I'm going to write more about my top addictive shows later while the poll is on (and clearly we disagree on what's addictive) and I'm also working on a Thursday Thirteen about LOST (it's called addiction people!) stay tuned for why I think you should consider watching it even if you don't watch TV.

Until then, here's one of my favorite scenes from the show. It's a bit um spoilerish, so don't watch if you haven't seen this season yet and care about not being spoiled. But please watch if you don't watch LOST. Humor me.

My two favorite characters are in this clip, though one of them isn't that important to the scene. (Sayid!)

Tears came to my eyes when I saw this and Pete Peterson said this scene even made him "whimper and sniffle like a housewife with a Harlequin" ( just had to quote that line--it brought a smile to my face.

I watched it again and loved it again. So watch and enjoy and indulge me y'all!


Chaotic Hammer said...

Well, I don't watch the show, and don't really have any plans to watch it.

So I watched the video, as requested.

Hmmm. I guess context is important. I can figure out some of the story behind it based on this, but without some connection to the characters or their plight, it's hard to just jump in cold like that and be affected by it. Or maybe that's just me.

Amy said...

thanks for watching. context always helps, I know.

you don't watch much serialized drama though am I right?

Sally said...

This is kinda cheesy. (-:

Chaotic Hammer said...

Amy asked: you don't watch much serialized drama though am I right?

You are correct. In fact, almost none at all that I can think of off the top of my head.

I think I very easily could. It's a normal part of our human nature to watch a story unfold, and to become attached to and care about characters. Then it becomes suspenseful wondering how they will fare in future episodes.

I think I almost avoid doing this deliberately, fearful that it will consume too much of my time or emotional energy on something that's not really real. Does that make sense?

Amy said...

CH..makes total sense. Story is a powerful motivator for me and it also helps at times to fuel my own creative endeavors. But I could easily fall into the trap of too much consumption and not enough output.'s the only romance I think LOST has done really well...I don't think love stories are their strong suit.

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