Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Nothing to Say (AP week)

There is something about being in nature that makes God so very real to me.

One of my favorite things to do is just drive and soak in the beauty of creation. I love to just hop in my car and chase the sunset or zip around the curves of a mountain (only if I'm driving...I get carsick!) and drink in the amazing details of beauty that God painted, while listening to my favorite music.

I have been inspired, healed, encouraged, challenged, and blessed during these times with God. It is more real to me than singing in a room full of people.

So, "Nothing to Say" was one of the first songs I ever heard by Andrew Peterson. It was like someone had finally put that feeling to words and crafted a beautiful song. That's such a rare experience..the feeling of having someone speak the words in your soul. So today I'm sharing that song with you, I hope you enjoy it! (not the best quality, but still enjoyable! :)


euphrony said...

That was my first introduction to AP, as well. Still a beautiful song.

Thomas said...

I love this song.

Amy, did you tape this or did you find it on you tube?


Amy said...

Hi Thomas,

I found it on Youtube! :)

Diana said...

I love this song. I love his Christmas CD too.

windycindy said...

I like it. Again, I didn't know about his music. Thanks for sharing it with me! Cindi

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