Monday, March 10, 2008

The Next Level by David Gregory + Giveaway

Book Synopsis: Business degree in hand, Logan enters the immense Universal Systems building and is hired as an organizational analyst – a trouble-shooter. His job: evaluate the company’s five divisions, each on a separate level and each operating on startlingly unique principles. Which set of principles is successful? Why is most of the company’s profit generated by one tiny division? What is real profit, anyway? And who is the enigmatic executive that Logan ends up reporting to?

Logan engages in a life-changing pursuit for The Next Level—a fascinating parable that will help readers answer some of life’s most perplexing, vital questions. Joining Logan in evaluating each level’s approach, readers will be inspired to consider the big picture of their own life from an entirely different perspective – one that holds the key to life’s ultimate purpose. No matter where you are now, get ready to embark on your own passionate pursuit of The Next Level.

My Review: I actually really enjoyed this. It's a pretty quick read, and at times quite humorous (for example reincarnation is explained as getting fired but then rehired), but still brings home a good message. I definitely think it's something you want to read when you need a shift in perspective, or a reminder of what it means to share the same outlook as the Shareholder,er, God.

Giveaway: Courtesy of the publisher, I have two copies of this book for your reading pleasure. To win one, please leave a comment and tell me about the worst job you ever had. I will draw a winner next Monday, March 17th. (hope you have the luck of the Irish, lol!) I think both men and women will enjoy this book.


Megan said...

This book sounds really interesting.

This story isn't really fair to my job because it wasn't the worst job, but it was one of the worst/oddest job experiences I ever had.

I used to work at a little snow cone shop and one day I was driving by and my workplace was GONE! Lots of people have said they "lost" their job. But I was one of the few who actually had it happen to them. So the worst part was losing a great summer job that was pretty fun to have.

Tarasview said...

The worst job I ever had was at a rose (as in the plant) factory. I spent 8 hours a day packaging rose bush plants- thorns and all. It was monotonous mind-numbing and painful all at the same time. It was really really horrible.

taradawnrobertson at hotmail dot com

windycindy said...

Hi, I love the sound of this book. I am 51 and trying to find my niche in this world! One of the worst jobs I have ever had is doing fashion displays in a store's windows. It was in the summer and extremely hot in the display area in the front of the store! The manager was exceptionally particular. I used straight pins, an iron, etc. because every little pleat and tuck had to be perfect. I think she wanted to torture me. Please enter me in your drawing. Thanks,Cindi

Anonymous said...

I loved his "Dinner/Day with a Perfect Stranger" books and would love to win this one! please enter me, thanks!

my worst job: working at a jewelry store, not selling jewelry, but keeping it shiny and clean. but the worst part was the store was owned by 2 brothers, one who liked me and one who didn't. talk about serving 2 masters...they were always telling me to do different things and I couldn't seem to do everything right :(

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