Monday, March 3, 2008

Music Monday: For Those of Us in 24 Withdrawal...

Normally, January through May is the most exciting part of the TV season because we have both American Idol and 24.

By the time we see Jack Bauer again, due to the writer's strike, we'll have had to wait (that's a complicated verb tense, my students would hate it) for two years!!!!

So maybe you, like me, are in 24 withdrawal.

I really love the music on 24. It plays such an important role in setting mood and driving the suspense. I actually own both soundtracks and love the full theme, which is what you'll find here. (There's a bonus feature on the season 5 DVDs in which Sean Callery plays different music in the same scene and demonstrates just how big of a role music plays in the show. It's cool)

So anyway, enjoy!

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