Saturday, March 29, 2008

I love Saturdays!

Tis true, I really do. Today I slept in and it was GLORIOUS. For some reason, I don't sleep all that well on weeknights but Saturday morning? Yes. Then I leisurely watched some television, got caught up on my Google reader while listening to some Corrine Bailey Rae. (the ultimate in chill music) and now I'm getting ready to head out. And I don't resent it! I love take it easy mornings! (ok, ok, it's 1:30 now, but still!)

I read on one of the many blogs in my reader that we are not living the abundant life if we look forward to weekends. It's not that the weekdays are horrible, it's just that the weekends are so much better! :) What do you think about this?

What was your Saturday morning like?

In other news, Booking Mama is giving away a book that I want! It looks very interesting and it's about France! So you know I want it! Hop over to her blog for your chance to win.

And she's not the only one! Care's Online Book Club is also giving away some books! Two! I want them, too! (are there any books I don't want?) So be sure to visit her as well for your chance to win.

In the interest of full disclosure, I'm blogging about both of these because it gives me extra chances to win. ;) And because I love both their blogs and want to give the link love, of course.

Have a great day everyone!


Carole said...

Amy, I disagree with the statement that we're not living the abundant life if we look forward to weekends!

For one thing, some days are filled with hard - but hopefully enjoyable - work, and other days are filled with relaxing family time. I always enjoyed my work, but really looked forward to weekends with my family - and vacations at the beach, etc.

Then there's worship on Sunday . . . why wouldn't we look forward to that?

And finally, there's those times of trials and sickness. Every day with the Lord is abundant life, yet there are days that we especially look forward to.

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