Monday, March 10, 2008

Bits'n'pieces Around the Web

First of all, congratulations to Julie for winning A Soldier's Family. Hop on over to her blog, it's a winner for the book lover! I have another contest going on now for the book The Next Level by the author of Dinner with a Perfect Stranger, please enter!

Well, here's a good way to get grossed out and freaked out at the same time.

Brant Hansen truly has the best stories.
But Michelle at Scribbit comes in a close second.

Brody tackles the issue of the somewhat offensive rotating blogroll. I found the ensuing discussion somewhat humorous...the only people who really didn't have a problem with it were the BIG TIME bloggers.

Doug Van Pelt blogged about this, which I totally agree with and have thought, but no one else had agreed with me on this obviously very important observation.

I was very excited to read this as Jane Rizzoli and Maura Isles are two of my favorite characters in the booking world. What I'd love even more would be a major motion picture of the splendid Bone Garden.

And last, but not least in any way shape or form AT ALL, check out this podcast to hear some new songs from the ridiculously talented Andrew Peterson. I'm reading his book right now, which is a treat, and want you to know that next week will be Andrew Peterson week here. I'll be giving away copies of his book as well some of his music, and hopefully there will be a few other goodies in there as well. I LOVE that third song on the podcast, what are you still doing here? Go listen to it now!


Brody Harper said...

I thought the ratio of "agree" to "disagree" was a bit slanted also.

Thomas said...

YAY for the Andrew Peterson week.


Amy said...

Brody, thanks for stopping by. Keep telling it like it is. :)

Thomas, I know, yay!! Did you like the new songs?

Scribbit said...

Hey if it provided some people with their humor for the day then my work here is finished :)

Cristy said...

I liked the new songs! Thanks for sharing this with us Amy.

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