Friday, February 15, 2008

On Voting

Shortly after I started the last poll, it occurred to me that those who don't vote might not vote in a poll, lol.

But the overwhelming majority of you do vote.

I've been interested in the way this latest election has unfolded and it's cool that we're experiencing history. I plan to vote in November but it will be the first time since the last presidential election. I went through four years of wrestling with the role politics plays with faith in my own life. And I do still believe that the right not to vote is an important part of democracy.

But, come November, I'll be studying everything on the ballot here in Cali and will do my best to make informed votes that don't trouble my conscience.

How about you?


Anonymous said...

I think my issue is that I don't agree with anyone enough to actually throw my support behind them. I always end up voting for the lesser of the evils, but that's not the way I wish I was voting.

Amy said...

I know what you mean. No one lines up with all of my values either and trying to decide which ones are the most important is quite stressful.

Thomas said...

I will admit that I was not sure if you meant voting for your poll questions or the general election. I have in the past voted in the general elections. I am not sure if I am going to vote in this general election. Since I am resident of this country, but a citizen of God's kingdom, I wonder if it is proper for me to vote in any election. If I do end up voting, I am struggling with the ideal of voting by my values. Should I force my values on someone who is not a follower Christ? I might be doing that if I end up voting in this election.

(Amy, I read what you wrote on kats blog. Praying for you.)


Amy said...


I know what you mean. In fact, it is largely Shaun's influence that I haven't voted since the last presidential election. I remember him wrestling through it all back in the old message boards days! :)

It's a very complex issue for believers, I think, and not as simple as everyone makes it sound. There are countries, like Australia, where if you don't vote, you actually get fined!

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