Friday, February 8, 2008

Her Name is Ice

Ok, so it's not actually Ice, but that's her nickname or something. She's five years old.

I started sponsoring Ice after sponsoring Shampa for a year or so. I decided I had it within my means to help another child in poverty and I wanted to sponsor a child in a country I think of as Asian. (Bangladesh is technically in Asia, but not what I think of as Asia, if you know what I mean)

So I hopped onto the Compassion website and saw her darling little face and that was that.

That was a year ago.

Thiderat lives in Thailand. Thailand is a Buddhist country. In fact, Thiderat's parents don't know Jesus, they go to temple and take her with them when they can. But currently she's living with her grandmother so that they can work and she can go to her Compassion project.

Her mother and father sell meat off of a cart. Compassion lists them as being sometimes employed. In her area of Thailand, the average monthly income is 121 dollars. That, friends, is less than my car payment. She has a younger sister whose nickname is Um.

Since Thiderat is just five years old, her mother or someone from Compassion typically writes the letters and she contributes a drawing and important questions like "What's your favorite fruit?"

I pray for her everyday, that her needs will be met and that her family will know the love of Jesus. I pray that they can live without fear.

Shortly after I began sponsoring her, my church was blessed to have some Thai missionaries visit (yes, they were actually Thai!). They were able to share with me a great deal about the poverty in Thailand, including photos, and the work they are doing there to share the love of Jesus.

Next week is the week the bloggers will be in Uganda. There will be great focus on the country of Uganda and the work Compassion does there. But if you feel a tugging in your heart for the children of Thailand, you can visit the Compassion website and search for a child to sponsor from that country. It couldn't be easier.

Have any of you been to Thailand?

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