Wednesday, February 20, 2008

George Clooney, Of Course

Take the Quiz

As if there was any doubt (no I was NOT secretly pulling for Brad Pitt)

I love the way they determined this through all sorts of important and introspective questions like, "what's your favorite magazine?" (if you choose TV might be soul mates with George Clooney like me! Back off!)

Check it out friends, just click on the image above and do share who your soul mate is!

(HT: Vader's Mom)


Cristy said...

I DID get Brad Pitt! lol

ldperez said...

love your new blog look!

Amy said...

seriously, no fair. :)

thanks Leah! I do too!

~ jen ~ said...

Patrick Dempsey for me.....

And I think your blog looks great, too! I'm either too lazy or too picky to change mine :-)

Anonymous said...

This was a fun quiz. Clooney is a looker!! :)

Cristy said...

Wanna hear something really funny? At first, I didn't realize it was a soulmate thing, I thought it was a "which celebrity are you most like" or something along those lines. So I chose female, instead of male. When I got to statement that said, "I like a woman in..." sexy boots, bootylicious pants, anything black, etc I realized I'd done something wrong. Incidentally, my female soulmate is Eva Longoria. ; )

Amy said...

Cristy, that is hilarious!!

Jen, now how did you end up with McDreamy? ;-)

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