Wednesday, February 6, 2008

A Couple of Questions

1) Do you read reviews? If so, for what? TV shows, movies, products, books, restaurants, etc.

2) When reading a review for something that involves a much do you want to know from the reviewer?

Thank you, you all will bless me if you answer!


Krista said...

I read reviews if it's something I'm interested in, I don't read them when it's not something I want. ie, I only go look up movies I'm planning on seeing.
I do like book reviews to see if I want to read them because obviously books aren't advertised like movies are!
In book reviews, I don't mind a general outline of the plot as long as there aren't spoilers. A good review might go into some detail about the first couple chapters so you get a good intro and see if you want to read it. Maybe a glimpse of the main conflict if it's not already introduced there.
Just my opinion! ;)

Cristy said...

The only reviews I read are on plugged in online when my teenagers want to see a particular movie that I haven't seen. I base my decision on the information that is given there. Other than that, I don't read them.

euphrony said...

I'll read reviews if it is something I'm interested in. What I put into a review is what I want to read in a review - basic info, teasers, and motivation.

Tarasview said...

I read reviews, mostly of books. If it sounds like a good book then I will read it. If the reviewer hated the book then yes, I am less likely to read it.
A general outline is fine but I don't want to know details. Usually as much as the back cover says is enough for me to know.

Amy said...

Thanks for the responses everyone!

I read all kinds of more reviews, I think! I definitely read product reviews, especially for more expensive purchases (car, cell phone, camera, etc.)

I read reviews of tv shows before they air to see if they look interesting.

I like to read book and movie reviews but I like as little plot information as possible. I recently read, however, that the reason we often see the whole movie in a trailer is because most Americans want to know EXACTLY what they're getting themselves into. Interesting, huh?

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