Sunday, February 10, 2008

The Compassion Blogging Trip Begins

The bloggers have all begun their traveling and I'm so excited to be reading blogs this about you?

In any case, while I was familiar with quite a few of these bloggers before the trip I've been catching up on some of the others.

I was particularly touched and convicted by this article at Heartlight. Especially this part:

But what is the greater tragedy? To die young, fighting to be courageous, sustained by faith, but lost to family and friends who deeply love you? Or, to die a different kind of death — denied the basic necessities of life and denied the opportunity to know Jesus, experience His grace, and never know the love of His people?

The line..."never know the love of His people" hit me in a new and fresh way upon reading this, the great responsibility we have to be the love of Jesus and ensure that as many as possible in our lives know His love through our love.

Wow. That's why I'm looking forward to this be challenged, moved, and changed through the different and unique perspectives of these bloggers.

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