Thursday, February 28, 2008

13 Favorite TV Characters

1) Felicity Porter of Felicity. I so loved this show. And honestly, I always thought Felicity was the sort of friend you would want to have--she cares about others, works hard, and overanalyzes things to death. (which I do, so uh, aren't you glad we're friends?) She is brave and not afraid to go after her dreams. And she's an artist. I even enjoyed the constant question of the show...Ben or Noel and was deeply satisfied that the answer was Ben.

2) Buffy Summers of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Buffy really revolutionized things for women...she wasn't the girl getting rescued in the dark alley she was the strong woman doing the rescuing. She's beautiful and girly, and she can stab a vampire and shoot off a one-liner. She sacrifices her own happiness and dreams for the betterment of the world. Seriously love Buffy.

3) Logan Echolls of Veronica Mars. Potentially my favorite TV bad boy, so very tortured and yet, so very sweet. (with Veronica anyway) There always seemed to be a bit of danger lurking underneath the surface of Logan and without Veronica in his life he always seemed to go off the deep end. Miss this show. Rumors abound about a comic but it doesn't seem to be coming anytime soon.

4) Spike (William the Bloody) of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Another much beloved BTVS character, he went after his soul to win the girl he loved. Enough said. (um, yes, he's a vampire)

5) Jaye Tyler of Wonderfalls . This show only saw thirteen episodes, but Jaye was a most delightful tv heroine. The epitome of the postmodern post-college slacker, it was hard to beat the expressions on her face when the animals would talk to her. The bottom line is she did what was right because she knew she would have no peace otherwise. And she was funny. If you haven't ever seen this show you should check it out on DVD.

6) Jack Bauer of 24. He has saved the world 6 times. He always does it looking blazingly hot and with the best interests of others in mind. He sacrifices himself and those he loves over and over but can't look away when trouble starts happening. It is impossible not to love and root for Jack Bauer.

7) Fox Mulder of the X-files. Relentlessly captivated by the truth others try to cover up, and searching for answers to his past, Fox Mulder has quick wit and the persistance of a hero. The truth is out there.

8) Heathcliff Huxtable of The Cosby Show. The TV dad I grew up watching. He demonstrates a love for family and complete goofiness!

9) Veronica Mars of Veronica Mars. The ultimate outsider, Veronica is like a modern day Nancy Drew. She quips her way through solving crime. She always looks out for the underdog, too, I like that about Veronica.

10) Mick St. John of Moonlight. This show has only been on for something like 9 episodes, but I simply adore him. I actually dig Mick more than Angel, and I'm really hopeful that the show gets renewed for another season.

11) Brenda Leigh Johnson of The Closer. Another example of a powerful woman who still retains her femininity. She always gets the job done and she is mighty in her quest for justice.

12) Olive Snook of Pushing Daisies. Again, this show has only been on for a few episodes but she is hands down one of the most brilliantly funny parts of the show.

13) Maxine Gray of Judging Amy. She put aside her own personal needs to make lives better for kids and she genuinely cared about them. Quirkiness aside, I only wish we had more examples like her on TV today.

It was actually a bit of a challenge to come up with 13! But I had fun! Do we have any of the same favorites? Who are your favorites?

(this is my first Thursday Thirteen!)


Deanna Dahlsad said...

Mulder would make my list -- and for hot guys too ;)

I'm up here and here too.

Hootin Anni said...

I've only watch "The Closer" a couple of times. I like this idea for a theme for the week. I don't think I could find 13 for myself tho, you did GOOD!!!

If you haven't stopped by my T-13 yet, I have made thirteen new headers for everyone who wants them...just click on 'em and save 'em for yourself if you'd like!! Happy Thursday.

Malcolm said...

A friend recently loaned me the first season DVD set of "Veronica Mars". I rave about that show every chance I get. My friend also loaned me the 2nd season, but I haven't gotten around to watching it yet.

Good call on "Wonderfalls". I received the DVD set for my birthday in 2006. Maybe I'll watch a few episodes this weekend.

Some of my other favorite TV characters are:

Jim Rockford of The Rockford Files- Veronica Mars is very similar to him.

Hawkeye Pierce of MASH

J.R. Ewing of Dallas- One of the nastiest TV characters ever. However, some of my favorite moments from the show were when he showed us that he did have feelings.

Nancy Lindquist-Liedel said...

Oh yikes, you're young I bet! You missed Gilligan of Gilligan's Island...probably before your time :)


Welcome to T13!

Great choice for your first. I loved reading about each character you have loved. :D

Secret gent Mama

Cristy said...

WOW! I can't believe I have only ever seen two of the shows you listed. (24 & The Cosby Show.) Jack Bauer is my favorite of all time.

Amy said...

thanks for stopping by everyone.

Well, Cristy, a lot of those shows are WB/CW type of shows...can't help it, I like the teeny bopper shows. :)

Nicholas said...

The only ones I have sen were Mulder and Cliff Huxtable. I guess that means I don't watch current network TV much!

Cristy said...

Amy, alot of that probably boils down to the fact that my hubby or my kids usually have the remote, not me. Plus I don't watch much television, unless it's HGTV or a CSI of some sort.

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