Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Caedmon's Call Music to be Featured on Grey's Anatomy

I just got an email from the Caedmon's Call folks that says, well, the above.

This could be really huge everyone.

Music featured on this show has made careers (The Fray, Snow Patrol).

So I think it's pretty exciting. I usually do like the music on this show. And sadly, this is the last episode that has been produced due to the WGA strike.

By the way, the song is supposed get like five minutes of airtime. Wow.


Sally said...

This was a great show, but I didn't know which song was Caedmon's. Was it the song you could barely hear? I had the captions on and they did highlight one of the other songs.

Amy said...

that last song. There was quite a bit of dialogue over it, which is a bummer!

I'm so happy that Bailey's baby didn't die! And I'm so happy that Meredith told Derek..."You don't want me, you want someone" True words!

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