Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Bloggy Influence

With the news out about Compassion taking bloggers on a trip to Uganda (which actually wasn't that big of news if you read between the lines at Shlog over the past year), I was thinking about how influential blogging actually is.

I mean, the assumption is that these people will influence a bunch of other people that they have never met to sponsor children. I think the goal is something like 500 children? Or is that 500 children per blogger? Anyway...

I was trying to think if I have ever bought something or done something because I read about it on a blog. And the answer is yes. Definitely. But I have a hard time remembering anything specific because I get ideas for things from a lot of differents sources. Obviously, it works for a lot of people. All those blog giveaways? Freebies to the blogger for publicity purposes. (except on smaller blogs, where sometimes it's just kindhearted people...or bloggers trying to get more traffic to their site)

Anyway. How about all of you? Have you ever been influenced by a blog to buy, subscribe to, or donate to something?


Thomas said...

First of all and the most important thing, I like the new look of your blog. Cool.

I can think of three thing that I have bought because of recommendation on a blog.

Two books: One on the history of the church. This book was recommended my Beth on Shlog. I also bought the book Static because of a recommendation on Shlog by Shaun.

One cd: Andrew Osenga Listen to the Morning recommended by Shaun. ( After buying and listening to it I ended up buying all of Andrew Osenga's albums.)

Shaun's biggest influence was his constant writing about Compassion and the need to sponsor a child. This has changed my life forever.

By the way, in away this will lead to a question I have. Can you recommend a good Christian fictional book to read?


Amy said...

Thanks Thomas!

I also bought Static because of Shlog! Shlog probably has influenced me more than any other blog.

I think I might have recommended it before and you may have already read them, but since you like legal thrillers I really recommend Randy Singer's books. He has a lot of really interesting ideas. I'd go back and start with Directed Verdict. (the books don't have to be read in order, but I enjoy them more if they are)

Thomas said...

Thank you for the recommendation.


Amy said...

Have you read any books by Ted Dekker? They are also fabulous. If you like fantasy, I recommend the Circle Trilogy, they sort of made me fall in love with Jesus again. :)

Thomas said...

Again, thank you for the recommendations. I put my orders in today. The books should be here by the end of the month.


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