Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Bits 'n' Pieces Around the Web

Seriously, if you haven't checked out the bloggy giveaway carnival...well...

It's been super fun to check out a few new blogs and enter about a million giveaways. And let me tell the last few weeks I've actually won a few blog giveaways so I'm a believer! Of course my odds seem slim when there's a million and one comments, but who knows. :) There are over 800 giveaways going on, so be sure to check and see if there's something you're interested in!

If you normally enjoy contests and free stuff in general, you ought to check out Laura Williams daily contest's much fun!

Christy Nockels, formerly of Watermark, is in the studio recording a new cd. Yay!!!! Read about it here.

Chris Sligh, of last season's American Idol has his first single available on his myspace page. It's a pretty song--I think you'll like it.

Shaun Groves continues to write beautiful blog posts. In fact, it's funny but most of my favorite posts of his seem to get very few comments. Here's another one I loved...only four comments. But the moment he says something controversial? He gets a million....why do we jump into controversy but stay out of the hard, deep, heart stuff?

Anyway, don't forget that tomorrow I'll be posting the interview with Julie Lessman and if you comment you'll be entered to win her fabulous book! See you then!


Chaotic Hammer said...

You're right about "controversial" posts getting more comments -- this is true for most blogs, I think. I don't necessarily take that to mean that less people are reading the other posts, or being touched by them. It's just something about human nature.

I think most people don't feel the need to say "I agree" or "Good post" if they really don't have much else to add. At least, that's how I am and figure that's how many others are also.

Plus, I guess it must be sort of fun to argue and disagree and stuff, judging by the way the internet seems to work in general.

Amy said...

I suppose that's true. It's easier to jump into a conversation that you feel some passion about. I generally like to leave comments for the more thoughtful posts, (but don't always) because I know they can be hard to write and because I am often touched by them and want the writer to they'll keep sharing such insights. thanks for commenting.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the shout-out!

I agree with the other two commentors.

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