Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Training Week Update

Wow, I'm exhausted. Even though I get along pretty well with the woman here to do the training, I still feel pretty stressed. It's hard to have someone come in and watch you all week and also go through all your paperwork. Friends, I despise paperwork and much of what I have to do serves the singular purpose of showing the trainer once a year that I did it. Waste. Of. Time. Especially since I've had to devise my own ways of tracking and recording the same information for the company. Oh well.

Additionally, they always want to change things up. I understand why, upon coming in once a year, they think some of the things they suggest will work. But I'd like to say that while I mostly enjoy my job, I have a constant re-education battle. Things are harmonious right now and I just don't want to shake the boat. Maybe it means I'm a bad worker. I don't know. I just know that if the employees are unhappy, they go speak to management and if management has to deal with too much of that, the program gets threatened. I might talk to her about that again tomorrow, we'll see. Being submissive all week gets really tiring!

Anyway, thanks for listening to the rant! I'll try to check in again! How are your weeks going?


Sally said...

Its hard when someone steps in temporarily and tries to change everything - been there, done that - plus everyone has their own STYLE, which has nothing to do with which METHOD is best! On the other hand, I'm enjoying this week - staying out of my classroom getting other work completed while my student teacher is in the trenches!

~ jen ~ said...

The folks in our corporate training department do the same to us. They devise a "plan" or "program" to make us more "efficient", and when they send the Implementation Team up to get us "re-trained" the Plan always goes awry. They never ask for input from the end-users (us) in their thought process. They get paid, regardless of success or failure, so I suppose they really don't care.

What I mean to say is I empathize and understand totally with your "training week" woes. Last day, now, though! Thank God!

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