Wednesday, December 12, 2007

No Man is a Failure Who Has Friends

Yes, that's from my favorite Christmas movie, It's a Wonderful Life.

I'm sure most of you have seen it and hopefully love it. I mean how can you not love this movie?

It's the perfect example of how our lives have meaning. It's the very thing that can bring hope to the events in our lives that seem mundane or meaningless. It's a fabulous example of how people coming together can save someone else. It has a villain. It has Jimmy Stewart. It has a beautiful story of an ordinary life. It depicts someone trying to do the right thing at the expense of their dreams. (let's just ignore the slight codependent behavior of George Bailey with Uncle Billy for the moment) It is just absolutely fabulous.

It's not frothy. It's not about consumerism. It's just a really great story that can bring the right amount of Christmas cheer into our celebrations.

A few years ago, I also got the chance to see Mr. Krueger's Christmas. I also recommend this short made-for-tv movie. It was put together by Brigham Young University and was given away last year or the year before on DVD.

What's your favorite Christmas movie?


Cristy said...

Would you believe I have never seen that movie?! I want to, I've just never searched it out to see when it's going to be on, and I never think about renting it at the video store. My favorite Christmas movie since I was a little girl has been Miracle on 34th Street...I haven't seen it in years and was so excited to see that it was going to be on the other night. I hit "info" and realized it was a remake, so I didn't watch it.

Sally said...

All time favorite Christmas movie? A Christmas Carol with George C. Scott.

Amy said...

Cristy, I have met others who never watched it. I hope you can catch it sometime, it's a good one! I also love Miracle, but I like the remake, too.

I love A Christmas Carol with George C. Scott as you well know, and I love Holiday Inn, too.

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