Friday, November 16, 2007

I2A and Shaun in Ethiopia

This week on Inspired to Action, we focused on ways you can make a difference this Christmas. I hope you'll go over and check it out, there's a bunch of really cool ideas there.

Also, if you read Shlog faithfully like myself, you know Shaun is currently in Ethiopia on a trip with Compassion. The internet access there is very expensive so Shaun wasn't going to blog the rest of the trip. However, Kat is raising funds to cover the cost of the trip for him.
I would like to say this. Shaun is an amazingly gifted writer. On top of that, from what I can tell, he has a very sincere desire to love God and serve Him. He has a heart for kids and he has a heart for the poor. All of those things together are reasons why I think it's really important for him to be able to blog live from Ethiopia. Also, if you are a Compassion sponsor, it's an awesome chance to hear about the things Compassion does, since obviously we can't all go on these trips. Shaun has a way of making that world very real to us as we sit in front of our computers sipping our coffee and procrastinating on the work day. (ok, so maybe I'm speaking for myself....)

Ok, I'm going to cut this short because if I don't, my mom won't read it. ha. :)


Thomas said...

Great post Amy.

Last week, Friday night, Shaun was in tears when talking about compassion. His love for children and the poor are very evident when talking with him.


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