Friday, October 5, 2007

Oh, how you hate Celine (or love spinach)

Thanks for voting in my very silly poll. I am admittedly somewhat surprised that so many of you despise Celine with such a passion! Either that, or you take an unusual amount of delight in spinach. A new poll's been posted.

Sorry I've been so light on the blogging this week. It's been a bit transitional at work. Also, I am now considering a Dodge Status. (have I mentioned I need a new car? and when I say new car, I mean one that's less than 15 years old) Has anyone ever owned one or had experience with one? How about a Hyundai Elantra?


Thomas said...

Amy, my prayers are for you as you look for another car.

Just a little heads up though. Chrysler, Dodge, Plymouths, Jeeps historically have had bad transmissions.

What little experience I have had with Hyundai’s, have shown them to have bad wheel bearings and shift sensors for the transmission.

I wish that I had better news about both of those brands of cars for you.


~ jen ~ said...


The conclusions you have drawn about ME from your last poll are correct on both counts! I despise Celine Dion's singing....or how she looks while singing. She has odd facial expressions to me, and so whenever I hear her music, I imagine what she would look like, and it drives me bonkers.

I also LOVE love LOVE spinach. It is one of my favorite foods, actually, after potatoes and pasta!

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