Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Shopping Victoriously

Lately eBay has made a bunch of changes. Ones that I find really annoying. For example, instead of the straightforward email I used to receive that said, "Item Not Won", they now send an email that says "Sorry you didn't win _____" Like they care. Truthfully, they are quite pleased someone was willing to spend more than me. When you bid now, it says, "Hope you win" Uh, thanks. But I don't think of you as my best friend or anything now. In fact, I would still be willing to consider an alternative site if a comparable one existed.

Do any of you ebay? Buy or sell? Ever been scammed? ( I have) Ever find something that you couldn't find anywhere else? (I have) Do tell!


~ jen ~ said...

I do eBay... We recently bought a lot of one dozen Clifford the Big Red Dog books for the lad (he is Clifford Crazy!). I don't really browse often since I have a tendency to be an impulse shopper....I only look when I NEED to buy, like for Christmas or Birthdays. Not impressed, though.

And there is no real comparable site. They know they can make any changes they want and not fear you will shop from a competitor (cos there isn't one!) I hear you on this!

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