Friday, October 26, 2007


Well, that was an exciting poll being split straight down the center. So I'm opening things up for discussion....why do you or don't you celebrate Halloween?


Sally said...

I can't vote on the new poll because I like both and that is not a choice.

Amy said...

but which do you prefer???

Sally said...

I don't know anymore (-:

Thomas said...

I do not celebrate Halloween. The town I live in celebrates it on the Sunday afternoon before Halloween day. Thus, it interrupts the ball games. It is hard to hand out candy while trying to pay attention to the games. So I had to shut the doors turn off the lights so I could watch the games in peace.

Amy, my prayers are for you and everyone living in California. I hope that you are safe and that it gets easier for you to breath.


Cristy said...

Amy, on your current poll:
To me, it depends on the time of day. Morning, definitely coffee, but after noon, I prefer sweet tea. I chose coffee, however, because I don't go without coffee daily and I only drink sweet tea a few times per week. Other than that, I drink water.

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