Thursday, October 18, 2007

Dear Stores

Dear Stores, (in particular, grocery stores)

I love Christmas almost as much as you do. I don't even have a huge problem with rolling out Christmas merchandise this early. I do have a problem with grocery stores already selling Christmas items. Food is often perishable. I may not WANT to buy my dark chocolate peppermint mocha frappucinos this early. I mean, if I don't quickly buy up the snowflake shaped crackers will they be unavailable when the time rolls around that I need them?

I'm being serious here. If I don't buy my Christmas stuff at any store before Halloween am I going to be forced to paw through slim selection and gently used returned items in mid-November?

In the future, please consider that not everyone wants to buy Christmas stuff while also stocking their cupboards with trick-or-treat candy. Thank you so much.



~ jen ~ said...

Amy, I totally understand your feelings on this issue. However, having been in the business nearly 10 years now has taught me a few things:(READ--> I AM NO MARKETING MAJOR; I JUST HAVE LOADS OF GROCERY EXPERIENCE!!!)

**The items we see on shelves are there due to either consumer demand, or a perceived consumer demand.

**Most manufacturers (way ahead of the season) sell their "new"/"holiday" merchandise to a corporate buyer who, if they are interested, must sign a deal at that moment to get a bargain for the company. They buy it in cheap, they can sell it cheap and still make a profit, or sell it at SRP and make a bigger profit.

**And about missing your snowflake crackers if you don't buy now? If your store orders mega quantities in December, they risk being stuck with larger-than-desirable inventories of seasonal merchandise. Often times they have to drastically mark down seasonal items and sell them at a loss. What that means is fewer of that seasonal item being available next year. A bummer for us all.

Not picking on you, dear... Many people have the same stance as you. I get to hear it all as part of my job. Just telling how things are...

Amy said...

lol, Jen, I was so waiting for your comment! I figured you'd be the best to put me in my place!

but honestly, I don't mind merchandise being out, I just hate feeling like, if I don't buy it NOW, the good stuff will be gone when I want to buy it. And it's the absolute worst at grocery stores because while it makes sense to buy decorations and wrapping paper ahead of time, it doesn't make as much sense to buy food ahead of time.
But thanks for the insight!

~ jen ~ said...

I almost felt destined for this blog post! Like it was meant to entire life leading up to this moment! Tee-hee! And then I realized I was being overdramatic and got over myself.

I know what you mean, though. It is idiotic to buy your perishable Christmas-time goods in October, unless they are freezable and you have room in your freezer. Packaged cookies and crackers freeze (and more importantly, THAW OUT AND TASTE) rather well.

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