Friday, September 14, 2007


So, then, the internet has not yet won. Most of you still go to the store to shop.

Personally, I love online shopping. If you don't shop online, consider the benefits:

1) Delivered to your door.
2) At times, tax free.
3) If you plan carefully enough you can often find free shipping deals.
4) If it's not available in the store you can often find it online.

But I love having a good old fashioned browse in the store as well.

Who doesn't shop? How do you survive?


~ jen ~ said...

I find that I've done quite a bit of shopping since Hubby's been out of town... I've been window shopping most of the past week, and today I bought at and then to Target and the mall (both actual stores).

I love to shop, though since we've been trying to save, I've restricted myself to merely window shopping. We splurge now and then, today being one of those times! It felt soooooo gooooood!

Amy said...

I love splurging! Plus the best shopping season, the Christmas shopping season is soon upon us! The key, of course, is to get everything before Thanksgiving. Then watch everyone else run around like mad!

Old Navy and Target are some of my favorite stores!

~ jen ~ said...

I LOVE TARGET!!! I'm there multiple times a week, even! (Sad?)

Last year was the first I had all my holiday shopping done before Thanksgiving! Every year, I promise to do it, and fail miserbly, save for last year. I have started shopping for Christmas already, in hopes of reaching my goal again!!!!

Amy said...

you can do it, you can do it!

Maybe we should have a blog challenge....get all your Christmas shopping done by Thanksgiving spending the least amount possible but still getting the best possible gifts....what do you think?

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