Wednesday, August 22, 2007


I just read a poll result that said something about how liberals read more than conservatives. (I'm assuming this is meant to prove how much more enlightened they are)

But on average, liberals read nine books a year and conservatives who read, read 8. I hate to say it, but that's less than what I read in a month.

Granted, I read lightweight stuff...chick lit, thrillers, mysteries, and then the occasional "heavy" book, usually pertaining to God and spirituality. Also, I have down time at work to read. But still, I simply cannot imagine my life without having a book going at the moment.

I also like to write and constantly have storylines weaving themselves together in my head. Fleshing them out is much much harder, but I would like to have a published book one day. Even if it's self-published! I thought this was a constant state for all readers, but turns out it's not.

Anyway, I'm not really sure why liberals would read more than conservatives or what these people would be reading. Or how I could ever narrow my selections down to nine books in a year, what would I read?

How about you? What do you like to read best? How many books a year on average do you read? Liberal or conservative? (obviously, you can decline to answer that!)

Oh and one more thing. That My Library thing on the on side shows the recent books I've read, whatever's on top is what I've read most recently. I'm also on shelfari...if you are either of these sites, let me know, we can be friends!


Thomas said...


This year I am on my seventh book. Some years I read a lot of books and other years I might only read two or three books.

I guess my reading falls into three categories.
1) History. This is mostly heavy reading.
2) Fiction. Light reading. Legal thrillers.
3) Faith. Sort in between heavy and light reading.

Politics: Conservative. .


Amy said...

History is definitely heavy reading! I love legal thrillers...which ones do you like? (i.e who is your favorite author?)

Lisa said...

I love reading! I'm like you and go crazy if I don't have a book to read. I may not read it for a day or two but I have to at least have a book on hand to read. I like historical fiction (recently I've been reading anything on Henry VIII and his wives and children), Christian Romance(yes, I'm one of those types! Karen Kingsbury and Lori Wick are my favorite),and I'm not sure what catergory to put them in but I love Amy Tan and Andriani Trigiana (Chinese-American and Italian-American women being raised in the States by Chinese or Italian parents). I'm so glad I'm back in the States where I have a huge choice of books in my native tongue!

Amy said...


What is your fave Karen Kingsbury, or do you find it impossible to choose? I loved the Redemption series. Have you read Francine Rivers?

Also, I really recommend The Dim Sum of all Things. It's like Amy Tan but a little more chick-litesque. I love Amy Tan as well, what is your favorite by her? I liked the Bone Setter's Daughter. Have you read Memoirs of a Geisha?

Thomas said...

Sorry I am a little late in replying to your question Amy.

The first legal thriller I read was The Chamber by John Grisham and that started me down this road of legal thrillers. The reason why I read that books was to give me a break from all the history books I had been reading. If I remember right, I had just finished the book The Making of the Atomic Bomb by Richard Rhodes. Then one day when I was at a Christian book store I found Craig Parshall and the Chambers of Justice series. I was hooked on the series and I was sad to see it come to an end after the fifth book. I hope that some day I can come across another series like the Chambers of Justice. I know that there is a ton of legal thriller out there, but I prefer to limit my selection to Christian writers because there is not as much violence and sexual content in them.


Lisa said...

Sorry, it has taken so long to answer your questions.

I love so many of Karen Kingsbury's books, but I think my favorite is A Time to Dance.
Yes, I also really like Francine Rivers (doesn't everybody!). I love Redeeming Love--it's my favorite one. The Mark of the Lion books are also really good.
I think The Bone
Setter's Daughter is also my favorite Amy Tan book. I really didn't like her latest book (that I know of), Saving Fish From Drowning, but the rest are great.

Amy said...

Thomas, thanks for answering! I really recommend Randy Singer. He's a Christian author and I think he's also legal counsel for the international mission board. His books are fantastic! Start with Irrepable Harm. (if you haven't read any of them)
I want to read the Chambers of Justice books.

Lisa, I haven't read Saving Fish..yet. Not good, Huh? too bad.

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