Thursday, July 26, 2007

Traffic School

So, uh, remember how I got that ticket? Well, in order to avoid having that brand spankin new point against me reported to my insurance company, I had to do some traffic school. Thank the Lord we live in an age of convenience and I could do it online. I would now like share some observations about traffic school:

1) It was supposed to take 8 hours and I flew through it less than two. And I passed my final exam.

2) It was pretty much just reading the DMV manual again.

3) There was one sentence on what I did to get the ticket. (failure to come to a complete stop on right turn on red). ONE SENTENCE.

4) There were sixteen pages about illegal drugs and how they affect you. Not how they affect your driving necessarily, more, just, why they're bad. It felt like DARE all over again.

In other car related news, I had to add some oil to my car this morning and somehow managed to put a huge black streak on my face. I would like to point out that I did not notice I had this huge mark on my face until I went to the bathroom after my first session. I firmly believe the reason my first student was so full of joy is because she noticed and opted not to say anything.

So has anyone else "been" to traffic school?

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