Sunday, July 1, 2007

40 Day Fast and Away Notice

I will be in Costa Rica from July 1st-July 8th. Here are the people who will be fasting on those days as part of the 40 Day Fast. Please visit their blogs on each of their respective days to continue following the fast. I'll be back on July 9th to continue on the journey with you.

July 1 - Truevyne
July 2 - Ryan G
July 3 - Jeremy Thiessen
July 4 - Steven
July 5 - Susanne
July 6 - Valerie
July 7 - William Guice
July 8 - Todd


Jeanine said...

Hope you have a great trip!
Jeanine (fellow blogger during the 40 day fast)

~ jen ~ said...

I know your trip will be fantastic! I bet your having a blast with you little nieces, and catching up with your sister and brother-in-law....

We're gonna grill our steaks and potatoes, with a big salad and majorly unhealthy chocolate cherry topped cake. We'll sit out in the parking lot and catch the fireworks display from the park. We've got some sparklers and snakes, too.

Happy Independence Day!!!!!!

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