Tuesday, July 10, 2007

40 Day Fast: Day 19--Transition Pete

Read Pete's post.

I thought this was an interesting insight:

"We need to recognize, in our own humility, that there is not a lot that we can really do — as individuals we are a taught, in the American culture, that we can change the world. And to a degree this is true, but we have to remember that God is in control and that we don’t want to let ourselves be in that place where we’re saying “I’ve gotta make a difference or my life is meaningless.” God never called us to change the world. Our number one goal is to worship Lord. We need to approach these issues with action, but with humility, otherwise we begin to think we’re bringing all the answers. "


transitionpete said...

Thanks for the link! Boy, I wish I could claim that quote, but Kim says exactly that in the podcast that I've posted. Hearing her talk made me realize how "me-centric" and individual we really are as a nation, and how "un-dependent" we are on God.


Amy said...

Ah, can't listen to the podcast here at work. Will try to do so later.

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