Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Odds and Ends

The Ducks could take it all tonight. And that's very exciting friends. Although in the core of myself I will probably always be a Blues fan first, I have adopted the Ducks as my California team. Never mind that it's all a little strange that California even has ice hockey. The fans deserve this. So I hope they win tonight here at home and skate around in all the glory. On a very sad side note, I heard on the radio this morning that Saturday's Stanley Cup game scored the lowest ratings ever for NBC during primetime. THAT is sad. How can you folks not love hockey?

Bath and Body Works is having their semi-annual sale at the moment. A very dangerous time for me. All that great smelling stuff for so cheap!! My car seemed to have it's own will as it drove me there last night. Alas, I showed an ounce or two of self control. But I'm loving that lotion I just lathered on myself after lunch....mmmm, smells like the beach.

Shaun Groves is showing his face in SoCal this weekend. Yay!

In other news, I'm really caking on the make-up these days in an effort to look more my age. (I'd settle for over 20) So far, it's not working.

The week before I went to Vegas I got two emails from college friends announcing their impending parenthood. (Congrats, guys!) Wow.

Las Vegas re-ignited the travel bug in me. I'm dying to get out of here again...and I can in a few short weeks when I go to Costa Rica! (to see my sister and those beautiful girls...oh and my brother-in-law)

What's new with you? If you could go anywhere in the world this weekend, where would it be?


The Secret Life of Kat said...


If I could go anywhere, I'd go to France. My husband's family is from there and we spend a few weeks with them several years ago (pre-kids) and I adored it.

euphrony said...

If I could go anywhere in the world this weekend it would be: Stavanger, Norway.

As it so happens, I fly out of town on Sunday to Stavanger, Norway (connecting through Amsterdam) for a week.

Amy said...

Wow, euphrony, that works out well for you. I've never been to Norway, what is it like? Is it worth visiting one day?

Kat, I LOVE FRANCE! I did my college missions/TESOL internship there but I had spent at least 8 years prior to that wanting to go there. I would really love to go back and work and live there but it's next to impossible for Americans to get a visa to work there teaching English. Where in France did you go and what was your favorite part?

FancyPants said...

Thanks for the Bath and Body Works tip!

Are you married with kids? I'm married but without kids. I remember when my high school and college friends first starting having babies. Aghhh! Very awesome, but Aghhh! And my college roomie is mega pregnant right now.

euphrony said...

I've been to Norway once, in December. It was cold, wet, and dark. I didn't have time to sight-see, just business.

Amy said...

Fancy...not married and no kids. Therefore I still feel young.

Euphrony...what a ringing endorsement for Norway. :-)

The Secret Life of Kat said...

We have family in Verdun, Besoncon (sp?) and my father in law (at the time) was living in Montpellier. I really loved Verdun. Even though I couldn't understand anything anyone was saying, it was really neat to be immersed in the culture. I also loved learning about WWII history. My father in law was an LTC. in the US Army and he was full of very interesting facts.

My father in law was our tour guide and translator for all of the above mentioned cities and in all those cities we stayed with family. At the end of our visit, my husband and I spent a few days alone in Paris at a wonderful bed and breakfast that was within walking distance of the Lourve, Notre Dame and the Eiffel Tower. That was definitely my favorite part.

Before my father in law moved to Montpellier, he lived in a small village and the house he lived in dated to the middle ages. That was mind blowing for an American like me.

I definitely look forward to going back to France someday.

Where did you go and what was your favorite part?

euphrony said...

Well, on the last trip, I left Houston Monday night at 7:00 pm and returned on Saturday at 2:00 pm. I spent about 30% on the trip in transit, and 100% tired. But I did get to eat my fill of smoked fish, lamb, and reindeer.

This trip may get called off on account of illness. I'll find out tomorrow.

Amy said...


I stayed in Ecouen which is north of Paris. It's considered a suburb, but is very much its own little village. We stayed in what was a Christian retreat center. It used to be the servant's quarters for the chateau in town. There was a tunnel leading to the castle from our cellar! Needless to say, being so old it needed a lot of work. We worked on the building and taught English classes out of the center. I loved the French people and the French experience! I traveled some in Paris and we went to the Loire valley and Mont St. Michel. I loved Mont St. Michel and want to go back someday.

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