Monday, June 18, 2007

Buy Books, Save Lives

I received a letter from Shampa, one of my Compassion kids, this weekend. It was a pretty sad letter, as she informed me that her family is currently grieving the loss of her five month old brother to pneumonia. It's the sort of letter that makes you wish you could do more to ease the suffering of the world.

There are ways to help out. I recently came across this great deal from author Julie Carobini. She has a Christianbook affiliate link, and for every book you buy at Christianbook through her link, she gets 10 percent. For the summer, she is going to donate that 10 percent to Compassion International. What could be better? Get your books and help save a life. You can buy any book, it doesn't have to be hers (which you will see when you follow the link) You must purchase the books through her link here. And while you're at it, why not visit Julie's blog?

If you still want to do more to make a difference, consider the 40 Day Fast. We still need people.

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