Saturday, June 23, 2007

The 40 Day Fast: Day 2--Brant

How come this guy is on the radio and not writing up a storm? Check out today's post for chill bumps and a serious stirring in your spirit.


Shawn said...

Just in Brant's defense since you asked why he is on the radio, he is the most intelligent "morning show host" I have ever heard on the radio, not being an NPR type station. He is as intellectual, yet funny, on radio as he in his writting. He can reach a 5 year old the same as a 50 year old and that takes talent. He is not the typical cheesy christian radio guy with the corny jokes and fake laugh. He is also a phenomial "speaker" "preacher" "communicator" whatever you wanna call it.

Enjoy your blog by the way!

Amy said...

Ok, that's cool! I totally DID NOT mean that as an insult in the least, but rather as a compliment to his great talent as a writer, but it's quite possible that he's even more gifted in this other area. Thanks for letting me know! :)

Shawn said...

Amy, my friend, I promise I did not see that as an insult by any means. I was just letting you know that his talent is not being wasted. Brant has to be the smartest person I know hands down. I just wanted you to know I did not think you were insulting him, rather, letting you know there was a "morning show guy" out there that was more than the typical cheesy radio guy voice and laugh.

I think you are a very intelligent young lady and an awesome writer yourself. Your writting is encouraging.

I promise I am not always sarcastic and argumentative(I prefer debative<--- is that a word?) you truely are a very intellligent person.

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