Monday, April 9, 2007

Easily Amused

The littlest things may make me laugh for a good ten minutes. Seriously. The things that are funny to me are often the silly everyday sort of occurences that are mildly amusing to most, but laugh out loud funny to me.

I derive all sorts of humor from message boards, forums, and blogs. And since I have a fair bit of downtime during work, this works out well.

For example, today I was reading on the ebay seller discussion boards a situation where a buyer was having a problem with a seller. The eBay community being the ever helpful being that it is, was going on and on about how terrible the seller's feedback was, etc. So I checked it out (I still had a good ten minutes before lunch was to end) and saw one neutral feedback left in Spanish. The seller had responded that they had no clue what the feedback said, but this was a great transaction. It appeared to me that the feedback said something about poor communication. Which was funny, because obviously these folks were speaking a different language. hee hee. Anyway, I got a good laugh out of that.
See what I mean? Very easily amused.

What about you? What sort of humor do you like? Does it take a lot to make you laugh?


Anonymous said...

It takes very little. Sometimes my brothers get mad at me 'cause I start laughing at something they did, and I'm not really laughing AT them, it was just funny!

yzorderrox said...

Depends entirely on my mood.

kathryn said...

i laugh easily at lots of things that some don't even smirk at! I guess i just love laughing?! Some commercials make me laugh, tv shows, movies, people, so much funny stuff out there. I love it all, dry humour, 'football in the groin' humour, off beat stuff. .

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