Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Great Music Recommendations?

A certain Christian bookstore just sent me an email announcing some great music recommendations. I opened it up to discover a list of what are probably their bestselling cds. I can't help but feel annoyed.
Why not highlight some music that others may not have heard of but they feel has potential? Sure put a few popular items on the list, but take the amazing opportunity they have to point out some other great stuff. A hodgepodge list of bestselling cds does not impress me. I do not suddenly feel inspired to go shop at their store. I can probably get most of those cds elsewhere for cheaper. However, lesser known artists I might only be able to find at their store.
Just a thought.


kathryn said...

i know what you mean! Have you heard the band 'downhere'?! They're really awesome!!!

yzorderrox said...

I know what you mean, too.
I am somewhat relieved that my purchases aren't so closely tracked that they know to send me only a list of metal bands, though.

euphrony said...

The bookstores and music stores go for the safe bets. Thus, their "great music" is what is great for them, i.e. profitable. Doesn't matter if your talking Christian bookstore or whatever, the store is there to make money and stay in business. They may have other motivations, as well (such as ministry) but a business revolves around money.

Kathryn, I love downhere. I profiled them after a concert here in Houston recently and a few weeks before that commented on their new album.

I love to discover new artists and don't like to get stuck listening to the same rotation of a few dozen artists/songs. Another recent music profile I did was of Nate Sallie, who just had a new album released. I like his music, but don't hear it much on radio.

kathryn said...

hey, euphrony! Great blog profile and very sophisticated 'split blogging' abilities you have!!

euphrony said...

*blush* Why, thanks, Kathryn. I try my hardest.

Amy said...

I like Downhere!

kathryn said...

me too! I like David Crowder. . Euphrony. . you are a way more sophisticated blogger than i!!!

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